It’s not the future that you are afraid of, it’s the past that makes you anxious

The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it. Sometimes life gives you scars which are hard to just let go of. We hardly remember how happy we were in the past, but what we remember is the pain that we went through. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is... Continue Reading →


Understanding DSLR basics

Its time to move on from point and shoot to DSLR to up your photography game. here's all you need to get started with DSLR photography   Shutter Speed Shutter speed is the time to which your camera receives light to form a image. Fast shutter speed equals sharp images. Use fast shutter speed for... Continue Reading →

It just hurts a lot.

My heart is with someone who is never gonna be mine. I created this blog to scream out my feelings to the world. I just never realized this post is gonna be one of them. The soul knows how to heal itself, challenge is to silence the mind. Loving someone is not bad. But expecting... Continue Reading →

Bucket List

Hey there bloggers and readers..... I haven't been blogging for a while, so.......  Just wanted to share my bucket list. Hopefully, one day I will complete all those things. Live in a foreign country. Have a Fit body. Go on a road trip across America. Go wine tasting. Learn to play Violin. Own a Tesla. (I wanna... Continue Reading →

The Life You’ve Always Wanted.

Everyone dreams of a perfect life. but not all can achieve it.   Just be crazy enough to believe that... That it doesn't matter whats your religious background, it doesn't matter what race you belong to, it doesn't matter whats your bank balance, it doesn't matter where you come from. None that means your future. That's just... Continue Reading →

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